Alignment of zoomfactors, bpatchers and celestial bodies

    Oct 02 2014 | 9:12 pm
    Hello all,
    First let me say, I absolutely LOVE development with Max6. Love, Love, Love ! ! :-)
    Here's my latest challenge : I have one heck of a useful app I've developed, and I'm working on my last hurdle. The functionality is wonderful, but the graphical representation leaves a slightly bitter taste in the cosmos. I have patches within patches, and bpatchers within bpatchers, and all within a main patch. Currently, everytime I open my patch\app, I have to click several little message boxes scattered about to set the zoomfactor of each little presentation window (abstractions and bpatchers) within each larger window, and I have tabs selecting those main larger windows.
    What is the best protocol for resolving such issues ? I know I am not the first to run into such things, so I'm sure there's some entities in the Max universe who have a good handle on such things.
    Would you be so kind as to enlighten those of us who find ourselves in such circumstances ?
    Thanks in advance, Glennzone

    • Nov 30 2014 | 7:49 pm
      I didn't leave this thing hanging out there with no kind of response, so I wanted to update it with some good news. I have managed to resolve all the problems I was having by de-encapsulating nearly everything. It makes for a larger, more unwieldy patch (or set thereof), but everything is operating like butter on a hot pan.
      What I was initially trying to do with all the encapsulation\bpatchers was just to be more organized and compartmentalized in what I have. It seemed a reasonable thing to do at the time, and is more of a packaged Object Oriented approach. It was just unsuccessful for me. It turned into too much resizing of too many subcomponents onscreen, and seemed to cause some slowdown in "intermodule" communications.
      Obviously, more experimentation is needed, but boy do I Love doing it when I get the opportunities. :-)