All Forum Users Please Read

    Nov 28 2006 | 4:34 pm
    There have been a dearth of posts lately that COMPLETELY change the
    subject line when posting a reply in a thread. DO NOT DO THIS. This
    makes the thread hard to follow for the mailing list users. I will be
    modifying our forum software to prevent this behavior if forum users
    can't adhere to this posting requirement.
    Also, since you are not just using a forum, but rather using a forum
    that is also a mailing list, it is considered poor form to add replies,
    especially short, one-sentence "Me, too" replies that do not quote a
    relevant part of the thread you are replying to (well, "Me too" replies
    are bad form in any case, but hopefully you get the point). When
    combined with a changed forum subject line, this makes threads very
    difficult to follow for the mailing list users. I suggest you not do
    this, because a significant part of the collective knowledge that exists
    in this community uses the mailing list, and when you do this sort of
    thing, you ensure that they a. at the very least, won't read your post
    and b. at the most extreme, will add your email address to their
    killfiles, which is an old-skool way of saying they will start filtering
    out your posts.
    Also, please use ACCURATE SUBJECT LINES. Case in point: if your question
    is about using the K slider, do NOT make your subject line "NEW PERSON
    HELP". BTW, message to all new persons: announcing yourself as such will
    automatically ensure that your post is not seen by a significant chunk
    of the community. It is in your best interest not to self-describe as a
    newbie in the subject line!
    Also, and I shouldn't have to make this point, but please DO NOT POST
    FRIVOLOUSLY. It's very nice that you want to thank someone or think that
    something is funny, but post after post after post of these makes for a
    poor discussion.
    Thanks in advance, forum users, for recognizing that you are also on a
    mailing list, and changing your behavior accordingly.