alphabet soup is available for all you max/msp heads

    Jan 26 2014 | 3:52 pm
    howdy all,
    just wanted to share the news that i have finally finished uploading my project/series i was doing for 3 years called 'alphabet soup'. i would make a patch for a few minutes or hours, then record for 3 minutes whatever came out of said patch.
    but all 130 tracks are available for everyone to have a listen and download for free. i may come back to the project. but right now i have a few other things up my sleeve ;)
    lewis lepton ------

    • Jan 31 2014 | 4:20 pm
      these are great! i really loved 01 a a lot. any chance of sharing some of these patches? regardless, good work! great idea for a project.
    • Jan 31 2014 | 4:24 pm
      ill have a look to see if i can find them. though did make some with utforma, which is available from my github, plus some other ones ive made before. but ill look for them. to be honest some were so sparse that it seemed silly to keep. i can remember how all of them patched though. ;)
      ive had HD failures of late and have started a donation to fund a new computer. but have lost some. but do know where some are
      i may come back to the project again, but so far cant because of computer troubles
      but very happy youre enjoying them. check out AU ;)
    • Jan 31 2014 | 4:31 pm
      i will, for sure! and 01 a is the patch i'd be most interested in, if you can find it. some seriously great sounds in there, love it.
      sorry to hear about the computer trouble! i hope you get it sorted soon.
    • Jan 31 2014 | 11:15 pm
      cool cool. if youre also interested, here is another project i done using just custom max stuff. namely softworks called 'operand' which i did sell. though need to fix the missing abstractions and it should be back up on my github