[ANN] bach & cage in NYC (+ shameless ad)

    Mar 12 2015 | 8:56 am
    On March 24, at 5.30pm, I will give a presentation of bach and cage at the Computer Music Center of Columbia University (632 W 125th Street, New York), room 320.
    The presentation will be, I guess, a rather informal meeting in which I'll mostly show basic things (What is bach? What can I do with it? How do I install it? etc.). However, as we should have no less than two hours, surely there will also be some time for more advanced questions and open discussion. So, New Yorkers on this forum, you are invited to join us - it will be great to meet in person!
    And, by the way: on March 25, 7pm, at the Italian Academy of Columbia University (1161 Amsterdam Ave, New York), Quartetto Maurice, one of the leading Italian string quartets specialized in new music, will perform a program for strings and electronics, with a world premiere by Ryan Carter and music by Fausto Romitelli, Steve Reich and myself: http://italianacademy.columbia.edu/event/quartetto-maurice
    Last but not least, both events are open and free!
    Looking forward to meeting you! aa