[ANN] new version Cyclic step sequencer

    Nov 24 2013 | 3:40 pm
    Just wanted to let people know that a new version (v 1.5) of my Cyclic step sequencer is now available! It is a collaboration between me and Olivier Gillet, the man behind Mutable Instruments. It is written entirely in Max, and is available for both Mac and Windows.
    There are many new features, as well as several bug fixes and a major efficiency improvement:
    New Features
    1. VST plugin instrument hosting for up to 3 plugins
    2. Send two separate continuous controller MIDI streams (CC1 and CC2
    3. Per step Velocity, Gate, CC1 and CC2 control
    4. Override Note, Velocity and/or Gate options per subsequence
    5. Override Velocity to zero, allows for “CC-only” subsequence
    6. MIDI CC control of almost all parameters, with easy to use MIDI learn feature
    7. Constrain random value ranges
    8. Added . key to toggle between Main and Setup
    9. Added P key for Panic
    10. Added LED for MIDI clock
    Improvements/Bug Fixes
    1. Significantly reduced CPU use, especially on graphics-challenged systems
    2. Active step now highlighted in white, easier to see
    3. Updated Mutable Instruments logo
    4. Added tool tip for presets to remind how to store/recall presets
    5. Fixed Preferences name
    It’s a free update for existing users. Price remains the same for others.