ANN: Quaternion objects for max

    May 23 2007 | 8:30 pm
    Hi all,
    I've just uploaded a set of quaternion helper objects for Max. You can find more info here:
    OSX (UB) and Windows.
    Quaternion helper objects. Convert between quaternion, Euler, cartesian and axis/angle representations.
    quat "Represent, store and transform a quaternion" "The mul messsage, with a quaternion argument, rotates the stored quaternion by the argument. bang outputs the stored value. reset sets it to zero rotation. quat takes an optional int argument - how often quaternions are normalized. Reduce to improve object efficiency, but increase to avoid floating point error creeping into the angles. Default every 30 operations."
    axis2quat Convert an axis/angle rotation (e.g. the output of to quaternion
    euler2quat Convert Euler rotations (azimuth/elevation/tilt or heading/attitude/ bank or yaw/pitch/roll) to quaternion
    quat2axis Convert quaternion to axis/angle rotation (e.g. most rotate arguments)
    quat2car Select a unit vector in the quaternion rotation quat2car returns a unit vector representing a principal axis of the rotation, which can be useful to accumulate positions of moving objects for example. Argument 'x', 'y', 'z, '-x', '-y' or '-z' specifies which axis is the 'front'
    quat2euler Convert quaternion to Euler angles (azimuth/elevation/tilt or heading/ attitude/bank or yaw/pitch/roll). NOTE: there is a loss of information in the conversion from quaternion to Euler angles. This behaviour is matched by the original Shoemake algorithm.
    quatpov Rotate a cartesian point by a quaternion

    • May 23 2007 | 8:41 pm
      Wow. Thank you. Nice gift.