[ANN] video workshop at 3rd Ward

    Apr 10 2008 | 6:26 pm
    Hello NYC area folks,
    Registration is still open for the Video Workshop for Artists I'm teaching at 3rd Ward (Brooklyn) starting this Sunday. This class is perfect for Jitter beginners looking to expand their video knowledge in all directions. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the class.
    thanks, dan
    ## Video workshop for artists ##
    This hands-on, project-based workshop is ideal for those wishing to take their video work to the next level, and is aimed at artists with beginning or intermediate experience with video systems. Problems solved, questions answered, video mastered! Participants will broaden and deepen their practical and theoretical knowledge of video through the development of existing or new projects. Topics will include the ins-and-outs of video installation, hardware- and software-based systems for display, compression/conversion, and dynamic (live) control systems.
    Students are encouraged to come to class with a project in mind, but there will be plenty of material and tricks to try out that we're sure you'll be inspired. The class will conclude with a group show of student work at 3rd Ward.
    # For schedule, pricing and enrollment, go to http://www.3rdward.com/classes/apr/digital-media#c5