Announce: Audiotierra (& other cool stuff) / Expo Manchester / June 25th

    Jun 19 2006 | 10:14 pm
    In case anyone's interested in where all this effort on MySQL MXJ linkage is going: it's for a new piece called Audiotierra that's showing at the Expo event in Manchester this weekend. Audiotierra is an installation work built around a software ecology - as the genetic population of the ecology mutates and evolves, software tracks the genomes and exercises the control points of a granular synthesis engine.
    The Expo event is: - and there must be other folks here who have cool stuff going on at the Expo which it would be good to hear about (or even talk about over a beer).
    Anyway, the MXJ database linkage seems to be working pretty well, and I've had this thing running for several hours at a stretch without any serious problems (although an artificial ecology can generate a LOT of data in a few hours). It does take two or three hours from cold before I get any decent music out of it, though: I guess the generic pool needs to be just so. I'm going to be doing some more soak testing over the next few days - which is probably just as well, since the exhibition space is a heritage site that used to house public baths...
    -- N.
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