[announce] PGT workshops and performances in Portugal

    Jul 01 2009 | 6:49 pm
    Hey everyone --
    Cycling's own Gregory Taylor along with my colleague Terry Pender and I will be doing some performances and some workshops in Evora, Portugal next week. The workshops will be fairly max-intensive, so if you're in the area please feel free to participate. Here's some information about what we'll be doing:
    -------------- We're participating in a Festival held in Evora, about 120 km east of Lisbon. The workshops will be held at the University of Evora on July 6 and 7. I'll be working with my colleagues Terry Pender (from Columbia also) and Gregory Taylor (Cycling '74). Daniel Iglesia and Jeff Snyder will also be coming from Columbia. "PGT" performances will be on July 4 and July 8.
    The web site is in Portugese, we'll post an English translation when we get it. Here are some links:
    -- workshop info (scroll down to the third listing):
    -- performance info (the "PGT" listing, second on the list):
    -- and the main festival website:
    The workshops:
    Workshop in Interactive Music and Video Technologies
    This workshop will focus on the exploration of student-generated ideas for producing interactive music performance or audio-visual works. Led by Brad Garton, Terry Pender (Columbia University Computer Music Center) and Gregory Taylor (Cycling '74 Software), participants will explore the use of compositional algorithms and digital signal-processing techniques for sound and video in realizing ideas for interactive 'installation' or performance pieces. Depending upon the particular interests of students in the workshop, software packages used may include (but won't necessarily be limited to) Max/MSP, Jitter, RTcmix, Processing, SuperCollider, ChucK, LISP, and commercial audio-visual production environments. Familiarity with any of these packages may be helpful but won't be required.
    Workshop Schedule:
    Monday, July 6:
    10:00 -- 12:00: introduction of work by workshop leaders, survey of participant interests and goals
    14:00 -- 17:00: an internal look at the software used for particular pieces, how various techniques are employed for specific effects
    Tuesday, July 7:
    10:00 -- 12:00: survey of participant ideas for realization; design of work(s) drawing upon these concepts
    14:00 -- 17:00: implementation of music and visual schemes generated by the morning discussion
    18:00 -- 20:00: presentation of workshop work, discussion
    Because of the 'student-centered' plan, participants at all levels of skill and expertise should benefit from the workshop.