[announce] The sadam Library, version 2012-07-27

    Jul 27 2012 | 11:37 am
    Dear Maxers,
    I just finished upgrading The sadam Library, which you can now access on my website: http://www.sadam.hu/software . Apart of some small bug fixes and additions, the major new feature is [sadam.tcpClient], which is a bi-directional TCP object. Useful if you want to, let's say, check your mails from Max or talk directly to a HTTP server.
    There are tools in the library also for
    • Data compression/encription (compression: LZO, encription: base64)
    • Networking (binary streaming through TCP and UDP)
    • Synthesis (additive, substractive, FOF)
    • Complex sound analysis (Spectral peak detection, Envelope following)
    • And more...
    Sound analysis & synthesis objects can be downloaded separately from the website of the Zentrum für innovative Musik-Technologie, as they are part of KlangPilot (a real time score language for sound synthesis): http://www.mdw.ac.at/zimt (you'll find the link to 'downloads' at the bottom of the page).
    As in the last release, every object (except the ones available from the ZiMT website) is fully documented (help files & reference docs). Objects are supposed to work on Mac OS (both Intel and PPC) and Windows, although I could only deep-test them on my Intel Mac.
    All externals are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, except the LZO compressor/decompressor, which is a GPLv2 project.
    Any comment and bug report is highly appreciated.
    Enjoy! Ádám
    P.S. This is a rather personal remark. As always, The sadam Library comes free of any charges. However, if you could consider a small donation (1-2 Dollars would be more than cool), we would really, really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the university where I study can't offer any scholarship and we're having quite hard times at home. Also, if I could collect at least a small amount of donations, I would have more time for developing these externals. For example, I could finally finish the [sadam.tcpServer] object, which is a generic bidirectional TCP server that I'm developing for a very long time, but I would need more than the usual 1 hour/week to finish it. Thank you for listening. :-)