ANNOUNCEMENT: Community discussions will be web-only after 2/20/09.

    Feb 14 2009 | 4:37 am
    In a little over a week's time, all of Cycling 74's community discussions will be web-only. On Friday, February 20, 2009, we will be shutting off all of our public, two-way mailing lists. This includes:
    In order to participate in our discussions, you will need to use our web forums, located at
    Additionally, ending our public mailing lists will correspond with an upgrade to our forum software, which we hope will offer greater stability and useful features, such as post editing.
    We understand that some of you may be upset by this decision. However, know that this decision was not something we took lightly, nor was it hastily decided. The fact is, the mailing lists have had a sell-by date since we started the forums. The reason they lasted so long, and that we went through the trouble of tying them to our forums, is because we realize how fond of them many of you are.
    We have two primary reasons for ending the mailing lists, which basically boil down to:
    1. The difficulty of synchronizing the forums and mailing lists, from both technical and cultural perspectives, has compromised the user experience.
    2. The ease with which public mailing lists can be targeted by spammers. With hundreds of thousands of messages per day being sent to our mailing lists, fighting spam has become far too time-consuming and expensive for us to support.
    Some of you may say "well, I don't want to browse the forums - I like having the list come into my mailbox" and for those of you, have you considered RSS? We have RSS feeds for each of the forums. Here are their URLs:
    We also have a beta version of the RSS feeds that include a couple of minor improvements, such as a link to reply to the post, which was implemented specifically for folks switching to RSS from the mailing list. If you save your login on the forums, this will allow you to immediately reply to the topic at hand, rather than requiring you to login, navigate to the forum thread and find the "post" link.
    You can access the beta version by simply taking the above URL, and adding substituting "atom-test.php" for "atom.php".
    Note, the feeds are quite customizable, if you haven't taken a look at
    you'll find that the customizable options include,
    * pulling feeds not just for certain forums, as listed above, but also by category & topic * number of messages retrieved * date cutoffs * date ordering
    It might take a period of initial adjustment, but I think many of you will find that RSS feeds feel very similar to the mailing lists.
    It's also worth mentioning that, although we won't officially support it, there are RSS->email services out there that would be capable of pulling our feeds into your mailboxes.
    If you receive any of our mailing lists, your last e-mail will be sent on February 20. This will contain a reminder that the mailing lists will be ending. After that, we sincerely hope you'll continue to participate in our community either via our web site or RSS.

    • Feb 14 2009 | 8:57 am
      > After that, we sincerely hope you'll continue to participate in our community either via our web site or RSS.
      Of course we'll.
      RSS atom-test is a nice short cut! thx.