Announcement: Litter Power 1.7 released

    Feb 13 2008 | 9:46 pm
    I am pleased to announce the release of Litter Pro 1.7.
    Full information is available at .
    Briefly, this update:
    - adds new noise generators and random number distributions
    - addresses an issue where certain objects produced subtly different signals on Intel and PPC processors
    - provides more control and information regarding parameters of random number generators
    - numerous examples as Extras, as well as Clippings and Shortcuts
    - includes plug-and-play replacements for the orphaned alea and scramble objects.
    - full compatibility with all versions of Max/MSP from 4.6.3 back to 4.0 (and for most objects even earlier)
    This is a free update for current Litter Pros.
    The full press release also includes some hints about what's happening with the Starter Pack.
    Thank you for your attention, Peter