Announcing MIDI Clip Variator, a device for creating variations of MIDI clips

    Max For Live

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    Adam Murray
    Feb 07 2016 | 12:01 am
    I just polished and released a Max for Live device I've been using for a few weeks.
    Read more and download here:
    Background: I sometimes use Bitwig Studio, and when I'm in Ableton Live there's features from Bitwig that I miss. One of them is a histogram-based editor for MIDI note data. So I built a similar thing for myself in Max for Live.
    I use these sorts of tools to create more organic-sounding electronic music by never repeating the exact same clip twice. If I want to loop something, I'll instead create a copy and use this device to create a subtle variation. It's also useful for "humanizing" clips that feel too robotic after quantization, or after recording a MIDI controller with poor velocity response.
    I hope someone else finds this useful. Feedback is welcome.