another gl morphing topic

    Dec 27 2012 | 1:44 pm
    hi all ,
    after many searches , without managing to understand what's wrong , what i'm missing ,
    here's my question .
    i'm trying to morph between two , using xfade .
    quite a classic on this forum , i know , but ....
    here is a simple patch ,
    at its simplest :
    and i also join a zip file containing this same patch ,
    and two simple objects made in blender .
    first object is a basic cube , second object is this same cube , with a displacement applied to an edge .
    it's a very basic transform , done in one time , then export obj. file .
    the 2 objects have the same amount of vetices, faces ...
    BUT ,
    as you can see in the patch , they don't morph like i would like they did .
    faces are flying as we "xfade" , and land somewhere else on the destination mesh .
    of course i would like them to stay in place ,
    i woud like to see the modified edge growing , as we "xfade" ,
    and only this . (hope i'm clearly explaining)
    i think i have tried all settings i could on the render object , on the objects ,on the xfade object , ....
    i have tried many things in blender (format files , minimum editing on mesh, ..)
    i have also tried to look at the obj. files in textedit (mac) ,
    but still can't find how to make this holy grail happen !
    is the displacement the cause , even a so small and simple displacement ?
    anyway ,
    thanks to the many people here , who 've already made me learn so much ...

    • Dec 27 2012 | 6:17 pm
      so , after an other check ,( i think it must be the 250nth ),
      things work just as i want .
      i'm using the collada type of file (i'm sure i have tested it many times before ....) ,
      but it's working quite perfectly , just now !
      as if i just had to post here to get it working ...
      so , now geometry is ok , the next step is the texture , ...
      i'm going on checks .
      and i'm feeling there's a kind of setting to control a "scale change" in one of the two (nearly) similar objects i'm using .
      don't know why , but as i xfade , the global scale seems to change .
      makes me think of "bounding boxes related" problem ...
      thanks for reading
    • Dec 28 2012 | 6:54 pm
      is this possible to use with matrixoutput 1, to render an anim ? Apparently it doesn't work...
      Anyone would have some tips to do that ? A morphing between two animations ?