any java tcp extern crashes my standalone

    Nov 15 2013 | 9:39 am
    I have a finnicky and so-far unresolvable problem. I have been trying to send tcp 'packets' (a list of 61 ints) to a dmx interface via ethernet.
    I know I have the protocol for the device correct because I have used my patch on a Mac with sadam.tcpSender sending the packets -- without complaint -- to the interface, to control some lights.
    porting to windows is another story.
    I have used the .exe version of sadam.tcpSender but it freezes max.
    so, I tried net.tcp.send, which when in a standalone, refuses to talk to the interface (at least it does not freeze max). Does this object send bytes?
    another 3rd-party external I have used results in a crash (when in a standalone, even though it seems to work OK in a the Max environment).
    After building these standalone(s) I have included the java files required in the /java/lib and /java/classes directories of the standalone(s) and I know the mxj object operates for at least a while (a few seconds) as it posts messages to the status window, saying it has connected to a port and address.
    Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong-- I'm pretty much at my wits end here-- any advice apreciated.

    • Nov 15 2013 | 11:12 am
      Hi FloatingPoint,
      (unfortunately I can't find out how I could send a private message with the new forum engine...)
      although I can't promise much, if you send me an actual crash report (either as a private message -- if you know how to do that -- or just upload it to this thread), I might be able to figure out what's wrong with the Windows version of sadam.tcp*.
      Cheers, Ádám
    • Nov 15 2013 | 11:09 pm
      Howdy Adam,
      even though your external causes my standalone to freeze, it is the only one that seems to be able to send the correct formatting to the DMX interface in a standalone situation (ie it will operate the lights as required, for about 2 minutes, then the standalone freezes).
      The java-based methods (mxj net.tcp.send, mxj tcpClient) result in no output from the DMX interface, but they can still communicate to another max receiving patch on the same computer. It's wierd.
      I don't know how to derive a crash report in windows-- it just freezes and a dialogue displays 'max 32-bit not responding'. There's no option to provide a crash report.
      again, if anyone can suggest anything you will be my best friend forever-- btw I don't mind paying someone a modest fee to come up with a solution :-]