Anyone found fun new uses for MC.* yet?

    Oct 08 2018 | 8:01 am
    Just looking for inspiration. I like it for doing quick polyphonic things, but I'm getting the feeling there's a lot more potential hidden here.

    • Oct 08 2018 | 8:39 am
      Right now I am using the MC.* for sensor data processing. I have a project in which I read 6 different sensor values from an Arduino based interface. As data smoothing, cropping, scaling and similar can be quite CPU expensive when having multiple streams and processing everything using the scheduler I previously used jitter matrices to do that work. This time I moved everything to the MC signal domain. Every MC channel represents one sensor data stream. So the results are good and the code become leaner and easier to read. And I find it more intuitive.
    • Oct 08 2018 | 11:22 am
      yep Jan, sounds like an interesting solution. Perhaps could you post later some patches... thanks
    • Oct 08 2018 | 1:46 pm
      I have many old patches using this (undocumented?) trick, now I could change them (without the dac problems)?
    • Oct 08 2018 | 11:36 pm
      for most of these prepend/funnel things it doesnt make sense / doesnt work to use mc objects i guess. and there would be no benefit beside the cable color.
    • Oct 09 2018 | 12:58 am
      The prepend/funnel thing is the old hack, Roman. MC is an entirely different and legit way to do exactly these sort of things, just maybe not with prepend and funnel
    • Oct 09 2018 | 1:15 am
      i see a benefit in upgrading patches to the "new hack" as soon as you do something which otherwise would break the signal chain (like my multicore gate does).
      otoh, it can be kind of sexy to use non-MSP objects with connections which represent signal connections. and you still need prepend/funnel to pack a bunch of MCs, isnt it? :)