Anyone using a touchscreen laptop (ie. not a tablet) with Max?

    Jun 19 2013 | 5:03 am
    Hi there,
    First time poster, I've been using Max for a few years now but have only recently integrated it with my live performance setup, primarily as a MIDI router for my guitar gear (usually an FCB1010 footboard and Sansamp PSA1 through an UA-25 audio interface to a Macbook Air). I've been thinking about getting a touchscreen laptop, but am uncertain of the prospects of running the Max runtime in Windows (8?) and using touch for basic interactions and settings adjustments.
    I'm aware that Max isn't multi-touch compatible, I'm not too concerned about that and would just like reliable single touch events. I'm hoping to get the performance benefits of using a standard laptop for audio and MIDI processing in realtime while taking advantage of a touchscreen interface to monitor and tweak my guitar processing setup (primarily through Max). I'm NOT looking for another tablet or dedicated piece of touch hardware. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice, thanks!

    • Jun 19 2013 | 7:30 am
      I use a Lenovo X220 convertible with Max. I built a VST host with sheet display, backing track, etc. I basically use the touch to move to the next / previous song. Works fine. It sad that the controls do not support multi touch, e.g. it would be nice to scroll through lists (the setlist in my case) using swipe.
    • Jun 20 2013 | 3:54 am
      Hey Moss,
      Thanks for your reply, definitely a good reference laptop. That's pretty much what I would want to do initially with my setup. Looks like the Lenovo X230t would be a good choice right now, its annoying how few "touch/tablet laptops" can do the 180 degree screen swivel (see the Yoga's "tent" formation).
      Here's hoping for multitouch gestures in Max sometime in the near future. I'm wondering how difficult it would be to simulate "multitouch"-like events (like registering a 'swipe' gesture as some sort of combination of regular mouse click events), I'll definitely try to exhaust all of the possibilities if I get my hands on a suitable machine!
    • Jun 26 2014 | 10:21 am
      After giving up on Apple devices altogether, I started using Max 6 on 2 Windows machines with touch screens: HP Envy touchsmart 15 and Lenovo Yoga 11S. It's great to have direct access to UI controls. Multi touch support would be fantastic and greatly appreciated.
    • Aug 16 2014 | 4:55 pm
      using Lenovo laptop with touchscreen and i most say that it is great(!) when it's working but most of the things dont work well... it is great connecting the cables and moving objects around but so many times its a miss with the finger and glitching the wrong cable or just selecting randomly... but then the moment when the cable connects with the finger :) its awesome!. i really wish Max will have full touch support and more then that to be fully swipe and touchpad swipe enable for navigating the patch it can be very useful.
    • Aug 17 2014 | 7:32 am
      My current setup is a Thinkpad Yoga S1 (it has touch screen) and an external HDMI monitor for extra "space" (a Gechic 1002, also touch screen). But the experience with Max is still frustrating. Not having multi touch is a deal breaker.
      Recently I presented a talk/piece in a conference in Portugal and I was running a patch with several faders and other simple controls. It wasn't smooth, because you can never do more than one thing at once.
    • Sep 03 2014 | 12:12 pm
      Imagine how good it would be to have the possibility of using Max (with multi-touch) and something like this for, say, an installation: