Anyone want an OS9 mac?

    Mar 25 2006 | 4:40 pm
    hi all,
    I need to clear some stuff out of my studio, so I'm giving away my old Mac. It's a grey PPC with a 500MHz board. It has a Korg 1212 audio board, and 3 external scsi hard drives, including a cd-burner. It has OS9.2.1 on it. Loads of music software, and I think I have a copy of Nuendo for it as well. There's also an Opcode 64xtc to go with it. No monitor though. I don't want any money for it, but you'll have to come and pick it up from Watford! (Just north of London, J5 on the M1).
    If anyone's interested please email me directly, at
    If no-one wants it, it's going to the skip!