anyone who can help me?

    Aug 09 2010 | 1:09 pm
    i'm a newbie in Max/MSP, and been working through the tutorials. I've just studied the MSP tutorial 21 related to the poly~ object. i tried to copy the patch as well as the poly~ subpatch by reproducing piece by piece and additionally enhance it by a few simple waveforms, switching them by the radiogroup. ok, so far, but the problem seems to be that the implementation of the waveforms is in the abstraction of the subpatcher, and when i change the waveform via the radiogroup which is in the main patcher, the index numbers of the radiogroup object is not transmitted correctly to the subpatcher. the incoming number does not correspond to the outgoing. I've uploaded both the main patcher (voices-steuerung.maxpat) and the subpatcher (voices~.maxpat). perhaps anyone can help me. or is there a better way to use a MIDI-Keyboard to trigger a softsynth in Max/MSP. Is there a way to trigger the Synth via the QWERTY-Keyboard as well?? therefore i built a patch which transcribes the ASCII-numbers of the qwerty into the MIDI-note-numbers, but that way i always have problems with the note-offs of the qwerty. they dont seem so send ones.
    Ok, I think those are really simple questions and maybe a kinda boring to the majority of you, but I just got Max/MSP a few weeks ago :-)
    thanx, tachyon