APC40 'call set_device_nav_buttons id 0', not working?

    Jul 15 2013 | 10:28 pm
    So I have this patch I am working on where I am trying to temporarily disable the Device Control sections buttons on the APC40. Thanks to ShelLuser's blog, I realized I can disable controls without disabling components.
    I dont have my APC40 with me right now, so I may get some names and numbers wrong in this example, nevertheless it should make since. So I take a message "path control_surfaces 0 components 67" and feed it to a live.path feed that live.path into a live.object's right inlet on the live.objects left inlet I use the call message "call set_device_nav_buttons id 0" this should disable them, it works for every other control I have tried using it's corresponding component. To re-enable them you would send the message "call set_previous_nav_button id -(correct number here)" and "call set_next_nav_button id -(correct number here)"
    as I said this works for all other controls I have tried, but the device navigation buttons is the only one I have found so far where disabling them supposedly uses a single call for 2 buttons.
    Can anyone offer any ideas? Confirm whether this works or doesn't work for you? Is 'set_device_nav_buttons' the proper call, or should there be a next and previous somewhere for disabling?