APC40 Device Control Indicator (Push LED)

    Jan 07 2013 | 7:03 pm
    is there any way of querying the Live device that has the focus to
    get its name, configuration, and which knobs are controlling which
    parameters in the device control section of the APC40: (the actual values are MIDI)?
    I want to make a device the corresponds to the LED functions of the PUSH
    Controller..... and would like to know if it is possible before getting too far into this.
    T/S suggested the Live Object Model...
    (I have extensive programming experience in C++, Visual Basic and SQL, but I'm 72 :-).....
    Update: I just looked at the LOM, and it looks possible and not too difficult, but again, if anyone knows any gotchas, I would sure appreciate it.....
    (Of course, if someone else has already done it, I'd like to know about that too....:-)