APCP4d - Turn the APC40 into a drumpad

    Sep 18 2012 | 6:58 pm
    Hi gang,
    A little more spam from synthfan.info but I think (hope) most of you won't mind ;-)
    So last weekend I hacked my APC40, now I managed to come up with a patch to turn the APC40 into a drumpad. When you pull the patch onto a MIDI track and add a drumrack you can then turn it on after which the upper left 4 x 4 grid on the APC40 matrix is turned into a drumpad with visual feedback. You can also control the velocity which is applied.
    You can grab this critter from MaxForLive.com or my own M4L download page.
    So far the first responses were quite positive (I'm a little uber excited that this critter actually works) so I hope you guys can enjoy this too (even though there's probably some overlap between this forum & the Abes' forum).