Applescript to shell issues using osascript

    Jun 15 2012 | 9:01 am
    I felt like I had this somewhat under control, but I have tried everything (from the forum, to trial and error, and google) and cannot get this particular one right. I would appreciate you help!
    The usual " to get this " is not working in Osascript.
    This is the script I need:
    tell application "System Events" set MyList to (name of every process) end tell if (MyList contains "Spotify") is true then tell application "Spotify" to open location "spotify:track:THIS-NEED-TO-DYNAMIC" end if
    I'm fine if I hard code everything, but I need the part that says "THIS-NEED-TO-DYNAMIC" to change as needed. Sprintf is not being my friend (and all other ways).
    This feels like the closest:
    In Luke's JS here: It's all good (hard coded). It spits out with the line breaks (even into a message box?!), so thought I could recreate this by filling textedit using a separator, also ascii conversions to add a "return". But no luck.
    Everything I try has issues. I don't understand why its not seeing my " as "
    Thanks for any help!

    • Dec 12 2013 | 4:01 pm
      I'm not sure it responds to the question, but this one works with Spotify and a valid n° of track. I'm using tap.applescript, do you use another objet to live applescript ?
    • Dec 12 2013 | 8:27 pm
      Hey! Thanks for responding. This was a year and a half ago so luckily I had found a solution using [shell]
      Here is my version: