Application/runtime with a javascript object and matrix

    Oct 09 2019 | 12:45 pm
    Hi all, i m kind of facing a problem of understanding how js objects vs reference to matrix within the patch are integrated to max in runtime/application. A javascript code that works pretty well either as patch, project etc, is no longer working if you export that same project as run time application.
    To illustrate that, i m going to use this little cutie by Frederic foderaro, because it's where i got introduced to javascript in max, and i keep reproducing somehow mistakes from there. I m therefore kind of a newbie on js.
    When you take that exact patch and try to make an application, the code send a reference error. I miss something, because for other project i tend to reproduce the same kind of error. What do you have to add for runtime which is not necessary for regular patch? Can someone explain me what's going on?