Archive of Influences looking for MAX programmer - Berlin

    Jun 21 2013 | 2:21 pm
    As posted earlier in the forum the Archive of Influences wants to expand the team working on the development of an audiovisual instrument (see under).
    We are currently in two, with background from Film, photography, music and MAX/JAVA and hope to find more programmers interested in developing the project
    We are currently creating an archive mapping what influences us in our daily lives -through following different leaders representing different professions for a period, document and mapping their life as detailed as possible.
    Its then intended to represent this information using a digital audiovisual instrument able of playing music, video, images and other information simultaneously, we are currently searching for a programmer who is interested in cooperating on developing the project as a whole, the archive and the instrument.
    Initially the idea was to use Cycling74’s MAX combined with a Monome or Korg interface, but also others solutions are of greatest interest.
    The project is now in it’s initial phase but as it develops the intention is also to apply for funding in order to develop it further.
    Send an mail to p @ paida . org if your interested or know of someone who could be