Arguments to CreateWindow

    Aug 31 2006 | 1:31 am
    The first two argument to the Windows CreateWindow procedure have bewildered and humbled us. We're trying something similar to this.
    ATOM registeredClass; t_wind *w = NULL; HINSTANCE hInstance = GetModuleHandle(NULL); registeredClass = RegisterClass(&windowClass); w = wind_new (x, 10, 10, 60, 60, WVIS); x->iWindowRef = wind_gethwnd(w); x->iWindowRef = CreateWindow(registeredClass, "Imager Canvas", WS_CHILD|WS_CLIPSIBLINGS|WS_CLIPCHILDREN, x->windowRect.left, x->, x->imageWidth, x->imageHeight, x->iWindowRef, NULL, hInstance, 0);
    At the same variable JIT_GL_WINDCLASSNAME is used for both of the first two arguments, but we're not sure how that variable is declared and initialized and how we can achieve the same results. Does anyone have any advice on resolving this problem?
    Thanks for the help that has gotten us closer to porting this to Windows.