Artificial Intelligence in JITTER

    Mar 31 2013 | 7:50 pm
    I have another quick question: Is it possible to create artificial intelligence within Jitter - for example - have a model search for another model (a zombie searching for a human) and then when it collides with the model - have the model disappear and search for another?

    • Apr 01 2013 | 12:16 am
      Hey healeyzc, i'm not sure what the best approach is here, but i'm awfully interested so here's my two cents.
      1) do this in Max - any real AI like stuff I think hasn't been open-sourced (I haven't run across too much yet)
      2) use AI already programmed in another language -- right now I am thinking of the ruby gem ai4r (which would be used with Jruby_for_max)
      3) Colin sullivan uses JS to get markov chains, so this is one clever thing done... and have it handle any AI related tasks.
      I'm on the same tip i think so I'd really like to hear devlopments
      have you any code to include? it would help reference exactly what you're after