Artificial Tango and FTM

    Nov 03 2009 | 11:13 am
    Probably some minor error from my part, but here goes: When trying to open an artificial tango external in a patcher i get the following message:
    at.chord: unable to load object bundle executable 2009-11-03 11:33:19.029 MaxMSP[168:20b] Error loading /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/ftm-and-co/externals/at.chord.mxo/Contents/MacOS/at.chord: dlopen(/Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/ftm-and-co/externals/at.chord.mxo/Contents/MacOS/at.chord, 262): Library not loaded: @loader_path/../Frameworks/FTMlib.framework/Versions/2.3/FTMlib Referenced from: /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74/ftm-and-co/externals/at.chord.mxo/Contents/MacOS/at.chord Reason: image not found
    Now, I am pretty sure that the installation is done properly. The at. externals are put into the ftm externals folder, the objectlist is put into the init folder and the help files put into the ftm-&-co folder. I am using FTM 2.5.0, but i guess that should be okay.
    Any suggestions?

    • Mar 11 2010 | 5:45 pm
      was wondering if you've had any luck on this since you posted!? I'm having the same problem myself and I even used the outdated version of FTM to be extra certain. I can't get the objects to load.
    • Mar 13 2010 | 3:24 pm
      The at.externals only work with the FTM version indicated. As you can see from the error message posted above it's looking for ../Frameworks/FTMlib.framework/Versions/2.3/FTMlib (relative to the location of the external). So it won't work with FTM 2.5 or anyhting else but 2.3. At some point I gave up making updates because the version numbers and sometimes even the location of the FTM framework kept on changing constantly.
    • Mar 17 2010 | 6:35 pm
      Thanks! Completely understandable, of course. The objects look great, and i can't wait to try them.