Arudino Coder Needed so as Max Msp can read a few digital Pins

    Aug 04 2009 | 2:36 pm
    Hi there!
    I have some arudino code which is basically the BlinkM communicator patch. This is acting as a serial to i2c gate and is allowing me to control BlinkMs via the Max Msp via Max Msps serial object.
    What I need now is a little bit of code added to the BlinkM communicator patch, that will allow max msp to read and write to a few of the arudinos patchs, so as I can get an PIR sensor
    to be working via max msp.
    This is so as that once the IR sensor is triggered I want to then tirgger the BLinkMs via it and do it all in Max Msp
    Hope some one can help, Many thanks.