ASIO4ALL v2 driver for Reason 3.0 not working with max executable.

    Sep 24 2010 | 9:10 pm
    i have been able to make myself a patch which send messages through [midiout] after setting it to midiyoke out 1 . the messages are being sent to reason 3.0 and are working perfectly.
    However i now face an unusual problem.
    Reason is currently working on ASIO4ALL v2 driver, and using the standalone object in the max patch , i have disabled any audio support before making it executable. i simply want to make it a patch that only sends midi messages.
    So after making it executable, I open the patch first, then load reason. but even though i can send midi messages successfully, the asio driver does not seem to work, and i can't hear anything from reason.. Any idea what i am doing wrong?
    hope you would reply soon..
    Thanking you, Bhavaye