Asking "Is there a clip playing on my track?"

    Feb 19 2010 | 7:26 am
    This might be a bit more difficult, but maybe not. So my satellite devices now know "what track am I on", thanks to kind forum feedback, now I need them to know "is there a clip playing on my track?" If there is a clip playing their functionality will turn on, if not off. This will be a great way to keep LED feedback organized.
    Another way of doing this would be for the Parent, or hub, to ask "what tracks are there playing clips on?"
    Again if there is any little subpatch one could share with this that would be of great help.

    • Feb 19 2010 | 12:32 pm
      This patch may answer your question.
    • Mar 06 2010 | 4:08 am
      Perfect yes thanks!