Asus EEE 1000H

    Mar 04 2009 | 11:18 pm
    my mobile phone company offered me this mini laptop if i renew my contract, quite interesting. i was wondering if i could use it for music. it contains: a 1,6ghz atom processor, 1gb RAM and 160gb HDD. anybody used this or something simular for music? i wan't to use it for little max/msp patches. samplers, generative sequencing, noisy soundscapery things wich are controlled by midi controllers. maybe i could run ableton live with 4 tracks an 2 plugins per track on it? or what about renoise?
    would be cool if someone could enlighten me about this, i can only find info about music and eee with the old 7" model wich came out a year ago.

    • Mar 04 2009 | 11:40 pm
      a friend of mine had max/msp 4.6 running on an eepc901 for a gig. not too heavy patches, but i was impressed nevertheless.
      another option to consider is installing a linux distro and running pure data (thats what i do with my eee901). after the usual struggle with the proclaimed "out-of-the-box"iness of linux, its actually working nicely.
      plus i have also kind of sucessfully run max/msp standalones compiled for windows under linux in wine.
    • Mar 05 2009 | 5:41 am
      I use an eee pc 7" with 2gb of ram I purchased and it does fine with max/msp jitter 5 with some pretty decent speed (though once I get over 40+ signals or doing a good amount with the video I have to either cut the sampling rate even overclocked) I run live 6 on mine as well and reason (though not as a rewire device) I'd say you'll have little to no problem personally though I don't know how advanced your own patches get.
    • Mar 05 2009 | 10:15 am
      thanks, this sounds good. i'm not planning to use very big patches offcourse. just some little instruments.
    • Mar 05 2009 | 10:57 am
      would it be smart to stick with max 4? or wouldn't it really matter and does it depent on the size of my patches? i have a license for max 5.
    • Mar 05 2009 | 4:57 pm
      I actually used max5 just cause my old 4.5 and 4.6 liscences were challenge response and I didn't see the point of working between the two. I know that there are benefits and drawbacks on both versions, but to give you an idea of what type of patch I was working with it was 2 wiimote objects (tk.wii), controlling a saw, sine and two noise oscillators, a live recording groove object, a groove playback object (so 4 buffers) and a live audio input going through an array of multi delay (8 tapout objects) a degrade object, 8 distortion objects (modified from the guitar processing) two lores objects, two stutter objects, and a lfo type object that could be one of three waveforms. additionally I was using the same setup cut in half running parallel being controlled by a midi fader box with all of this going into one sfrecord to record the whole set. My results were this; overclocked and running at a full 44.1khz I had noticable lag, however no gaps in the sound so it was merely a latency issue which was acceptible to a point, more of this could be due to messy patching rather than computer issues, brought down to a lower sampling rate it worked without a hiccup. (44.1khz the cpu load would hover around 80 or so and sometimes spike to 100 but not too often, this is also running a bluetooth module which does nail "some" resources down)
      a second patch I did was take the webcam input cut it into 16 cells that average all the data (I can't remember the object name here) and run jit.3m's to each one and use each one to output midi data and control similar oscilator setups as above, this even lagged out my friends macbook pro.
      another way to put it i guess is the opening reason demo file (the one that opens when you open the program) puts me at about 15-20% without overclocking iirc.
      I haven't tried using live too much yet but from what the forums have said live 7 even works with about 4-8 channels and a few effects on the 7" so I think you'll be fine (especially if you upgrade the ram)
      personally I find the portability amazing and the processor limitations makes me focus more on cleaner patching, and more graceful execution of ideas, when I was using a more powerful machine on 4.5 I was too busy adding to a patch rather than using it.