Audio folding

    May 11 2012 | 6:13 pm
    I was curious if anyone has done anything in the arena of Christopher Willits style folding? It's a style I'd like to explore, but can't wrap my mind around how to patch something like that and there doesn't seem to be any easily attainable info on folding in max. Thanks!

    • May 11 2012 | 6:40 pm
      watchoo talkin bout willits?
    • May 11 2012 | 7:50 pm
      I think 'folding' refers to an aesthetic rather than a specific audio technique, per se. There are lots of patches shared on the forum that do live sampling / looping that would be appropriate starting points for you; I think a buffer shuffler patch ships with max now that would be worth your looking at too. But the particular quality you are referring to, if I am understanding you right, is got by *some* combination of abrupt, non zero X'd, audio cuts and filtering.
    • May 11 2012 | 8:00 pm
      glitchy Jonny Greenwood/Andre La Fosse stylee? I see Chris Willits is a geetarerist too. [chucker~] perhaps; or
      (I am fCast)
    • May 11 2012 | 8:44 pm
      i read the thesis he wrote at mills college and it goes into some details of his process at the time. yeah, the folding is basically quick cutting to segments in an audio buffer, with an adjustable envelope. the thesis also mentioned a similar method but with tapin~/tapout~ instead and suddenly changing the delay time to mspb (millisecond per beat) note divisions. exploring around with that will get you there.
      or you can cheat and get a glimpse at the max 4 patch of his folding vst in the second half of - starting @ 8:15