Audio from multiple max patches to another one via the internet.

    Mar 13 2010 | 6:32 pm
    Hi, First time poster here.
    I've searched on the forums about this issue for a while now and not reached any strong solutions. So I thought I'd bring it back to attention...
    My project is collecting a group live streams of audio signal (microphone, laptop microphone etc) from different Macintosh computers using Max 5 (most probably runtime) from different locations and then routing all these different audio signals to one macintosh computer also using Max 5 (mine) for which I will be playing around with.
    I've tried it using, taking examples from UDP Tester (from 'Extras' menu). I've also tried using externals like oggamp~/oggcast~/shoutcast, but there seems to be a server problem,mainly that I have to resort to peercast which isn't the easiest to understand (I'm quite new to all this internet jargon).
    Maybe I'm missing something here, but if anyone can give me a hand, that would be great!
    Small diagram: location 1>>>> location 2>>>> ME >>> My audio output location 3>>>> etc
    Thanks in advance.