audio noise using RME multiface & cardbus. Only happens in MAX/MSP.

    Mar 25 2010 | 8:49 pm
    I'm insperiencing an extreme amount of noise on my ASIO driver for my RME Multiface/cardbus combo. The strange thing is that i only happens with this driver, and only in Max/Msp - not in the OS, or any other audio program (cubase, etc.)
    The noise sounds like when there is a samplerate/sync problem, but nothing seems to be the matter. Also the inputs go directly to the outputs, as soon as i turn on the audio in the Max 'DSP settings'.
    specs: All RME driver, firmware, max/msp, quicktime is up to date. Windows XP SP3, thinkpad X60s, 1,5 gb ram.
    Hope someone has an idea. Thanks.
    best regards Troels

    • May 24 2010 | 3:04 pm
      same problem here after sleep modus. i have to remove the card and plug it in again. then everything is ok - so its not a drama i heard before the rme multiface1 doesn't like the sleepmodus. but why does it only affect max 4.6 and max 5 ? (also cardbus on winXP sp 3 laptop)
    • Nov 07 2012 | 4:46 pm
      i switched to windows 7 64bit with the rme asio driver the sound is distorted all the time same with max6, puredata and supercollider 3.6 with ableton live 8 and nuendo 4 everything sound fine so i wonder whats the difference between max and ableton with the rme asio driver i tried several different buffer sizes without success any ideas ?
    • Dec 13 2012 | 1:57 am
      Same exact issue here, inputs go to outputs with extreme amount of noise with RME cardbus using ASIO. All drivers and BIOS updated on this dell laptop.
      When I use a fireface, it behaves better but still hits CPU ceiling with ASIO when other, cheaper devices do not using their ASIO counterparts.
      Other programs and even monitoring off the inputs when MAX is not running produce clean audio.
      A comment from cycling would be helpful as to why these devices in particular are so CPU intensive and buggy only with their software.
    • Dec 13 2012 | 2:36 am
      update: issue is resolved by using ASIO4ALL. distortion is gone and inputs are no longer going directly to outputs on launch of max using this hardware.
      not sure why using a third party ASIO driver works but the multiface is now useable :)
      haven't tested on a fireface yet, will let you know then.
    • Dec 13 2012 | 8:42 am
      I experienced similar noise (sample rate sounding) issues using a MOTU microbook 2 on a mac. It only seemed to happen under heavy CPU use.
      This was my thread from a bit ago: