Audio synchro probleme with Rewire and Live 8

    May 26 2010 | 9:55 am
    I'm using an max/msp 5.1.2 audio sampler in rewire with ableton live 8.1.1 (max as "slave and live as "master"), the all thing with a MacBook Intel core duo / Os 10.5.8 / fireface 400.
    -> I route my midi track from live to max using the midi bus "to MaxMsp" or "iac bus".
    -> I route my audio from max to live using the "MaxMsp" audio input in live and setting "dsp" in max to "ad_rewire").
    And the probleme is that the audio in live from max is not synchronised with the audio from live: I have a hudge latentie, and the pitch is not the same...
    When I route the audio out from max to my sound card it work perfect.
    It must be something wrong, can someone help me ?
    Thanks !!
    I give you my patch as joint file... still working on it

    • May 26 2010 | 10:57 am
      And I have also the same trouble using soundflower. Am I using max and live in a wrong way ? Sending midi to max and get the audio back is it possible without latency ?
    • Dec 29 2012 | 11:30 pm
      i have the same question. i started to build a rewire sampler and now i noticed huge latency and cpu load when i use it as rewire slave with live. what's the way to go to finally realize my own vision of the perfect sampler/slicer with max ?