Audio track sample playback device.

    Apr 30 2013 | 11:23 pm
    OK, completely new to this so this might seem so blatantly obvious to someone who's used to M4L.
    I want to create an M4L Ableton channel device that I can drop a sample ( or a bunch of samples ) onto with a button/s that when pressed or triggered from midi will stop the audio momentarily, play the sample then continue the audio once the sample has played. Maybe with a decay parameter for that sample. I'd also like to be able to trigger the sample with a midi keyboard that will play the sample up and down the keyboard range.
    So basically the order would be ( say on a bus ) audio sent to bus is playing, hit the keyboard, it triggers the sample and stops the audio coming through the bus, sample ends, audio starts playing through again.
    Obviously I'll expand this with other options later on as I learn, but this is my starting point.
    Anyone got any pointers as to how I could start building this?
    Or which lessons I would benefit from to help me build this?
    Sorry if this is a crap request, but you gotta start somewhere.
    Thanks in advance.