auto_colors and color_mode question

    Oct 24 2011 | 9:09 am
    IS there a way to change the colors of auto_color color_mode -> position, texcoord etc I like the multicolor effect of these specific color modes but I would like to select specific multi colors not the defaults.
    Auto_cOlor off mode no matter what I use does not allow me the intense multicolor effects of specific color_modes such as position etc, . I can get around two different colors using light etc but it does not come close to the multicolor of the color_modes when auto is on.
    I am wondering if the color_mode multi color has to do with some matrix, and Iam also wonder if we can change the colors of that matrix in order to change the multicolor of the color_mode ,,,, any help would be appreciated. thanks

    • Oct 24 2011 | 6:17 pm
      I noticed there are no replies, maybe this would clarify the question.
      In the first picture I try to achieve multiple colors by using blen_modes, light enable etc... notice how I can only achieve up to two or three colors..
      On the second picture - I just used auto_colors with color mode and see how many different color are there, its like the color wheel. up to 6 colors.
      I want to manipulate all the 6 or 7 colors in one shape change color intensity, location etc. Is this even possible?