automatic sample rate change on mac

    Feb 15 2019 | 4:50 pm
    Dear all,
    As far as I know, at least on Macs, changing the sample rate in Max indeed updates the sample rate of the core audio drivers, but the opposite is not true: changing the sample rate of the interface outside Max (for instance in Audio/Midi setup) does not automatically updates the sample rate in Max.
    I know this problem for a while, but it is quite annoying, and I had recently several problems related to it, that obliged me to redo complete mixes: Max was used as an audio processor as external insert, and since it thinks it works with a sample rate which is not the actual one, the coefficients for most of the processing algorithms (among other filters, fractional delays etc.) are wrong.
    So my questions: 1/ any chance that this problem may be solved in the future? 2/ is there a workaround for now? All the best,
    Alexis Baskind