autopattr and m4l

    Sep 17 2012 | 3:15 pm
    According to the docs "The autopattr object cannot be used to batch-register objects with the Parameter system. You need to use individual pattr objects for this purpose."
    But, using the attached device it seems that autopattr works: try to save a few presets with the device and then save it as a Live preset. When you recall it you have all your presets back. Is the autopattr limitation gone?

    • Sep 19 2012 | 3:28 pm
      Hi Maurizio,
      the limitation does still exist. There are two things: a) there is a difference between the Live Parameter System and Max Presets. Live Parameters are those values that can be modulated from Live (in example from within a clip or via the Max Live-API from another Max For Live device). for standard max objects autopattr will still find the them and save the presets but the values of all non ui objects won't be visible for Live. In order to expose them you will need individual pattr objects as mentioned in the docs.
      b) the reason why your live.numboxes can be exposed as parameters to live is because all ui objects have by default the ability to be exposed to Live as parameter to live. You can activate them by simply choosing a modulation type in the inspector. Definitions for the different Modulation type are described inside this tutorial:
      (the paragraph entitled: There’s more to modal modulation than Miles Davis)
      In the Max for Live Menu under View->Parameters you will find an overview of the Live Parameters contained in a device. Thus it's not necessary to check all inspectors individually.
      Cheers Jan
    • Sep 20 2012 | 7:18 am
      Hi Jan, thank you for your reply.
      My question wasn't clear, sorry for that. In this particular case I am not interested in modulating or automating the parameters, I am only interested in the possibility of saving a bunch of Max presets in a single Live device preset (the one you can save clicking on the tiny floppy icon in the upper right of the device window).
      However you put me in the right direction: I misunderstood the docs, the pattr object is only necessary for registering the standard max objects with the parameter system, not to memorize and save Max presets.
      Thank you Maurizio