Auvi : was auv-i.DE, now is auv-i.COM

    Jan 17 2006 | 2:20 am
    Important information for users of The Auvi Objects for Jitter:
    Auvi has changed domains for Auvi website and Auvi email.
    NO: .de YES: .com
    AUVI DOMAIN NAME CHANGE: the domain auv-i.DE is gone forever -- the new domain is auv-i.COM
    CHALLENGES for authorization: challenge@auv-i.DE (old) is now challenge@auv-i.COM
    GENERAL INFORMATION: auvi@auv-i.DE (old) is now auvi@auv-i.COM
    The .DE domain now belongs to someone else. Email sent to the .DE domain will not arrive.
    It will take me a few days to clean up all references on the website and in the helpfiles, etc
    Why the change, you say?'s a sad story: the domain was snatched. A payment was late, and, amazingly, some person thought that "" is an attractive name, etc.
    I will try my best to minimize any inconvience for anyone. The new domain and email addresses are now active. You can always reach me on kurt.ralske at, as well.
    NO: .de YES: .com
    With apologies - Kurt