AV Logistics: very small, mains powered, audio output plus amplified speakers

    Sep 13 2011 | 2:24 pm
    I installed a sound sculpture earlier this year, all went well and it was up for about two months. Now it's going to be put up for five days in a different place and there are completely different constraints e.g. it's a listed billing so no drilling.
    Before I had laptop running max, three stereo amps and six speakers mounted with bits of wood and stuff. Now I've got zero space and I think I need to remove the laptop, find something like a file based sound player, and use very small speakers with built in amps so it can all balance within the 8 or so inches of beam cavity already existing in the space.
    Can anyone recommend:
    - very small mains powered audio playback - very small and powered speakers - a completely different solution