AW: can I protect my software?

    May 10 2006 | 9:52 am
    there are ways to protect your stuff. We use a serial number to protect our pluggos. You can also use expensive stuff like PACE. If you are interested how we do it, please send me an email...
    Jan [CodeOperator]

    • May 10 2006 | 11:53 am
      Same here (use serial number to protect Max/MSP app). Many people also include some kind of way to "alter" the audio (insert silence, random noise, etc..) in the demo version. Up to you whether you want to create a separate demo version, or just a single version which takes this "altered" audio out of the audio stream once authorized.
      You can also time limit the software for each session (i.e. 15 minutes) until it's authorized. Just put a timer into your app.
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