bad audio while 2 sync videos

    May 24 2013 | 6:11 pm
    hello, i am trying to synchronize two videos with jit.qt, they have both the same duration. the problem is the following: when i load the videos in the jit.qt they start immediatly, so i use an autostart0 message. but when i start the videos at the same time, the audio of one of them (only one has audio) is bad (to late, and maybe low bit). this isn´t happening when i load them one after another (so its obviuos possible that they run at the same time). but then again, when i stop them to start at the same time, the audio is bad again. mh... the vidoes are big (1,5gb) each they must start at the same time an loop till the end of all days. would be great if somebody coud help me. cheers arne