Bad noise with digi003

    Jun 22 2011 | 7:15 pm
    I have run into an interesting problem that is not cycling74's fault although Max is a victim. I have recently set up two new iMacs with digi002 and digi003 interfaces. Occasionally, MSP playback is distorted by square wave modulation at 2 Hz . Some other programs (Logic for instance) are affected, some (Peak, iTunes) are not. This is with System 10.6.7 and digidesign 9.0.2 core audio manager. Digidesign 8 works fine.
    Digi cannot reproduce the problem and has no other complaints. Has anyone else had this happen? You would see it after upgrading to Protools 9. Please reply directly to

    • Jun 27 2011 | 9:09 pm
      Yeah, I think I've run into it once at my school, like a very strange and noisy ringmod, right? I think for me the problem was that the 003 had a different sampling rate than max, the 003 on 48 khz i think and max on 44.1. I'm so fed up with the 003's behavior that I would never get one myself, like a selfish little child that only cares for pro tools. It's just one of the problems I've had with it.
    • Oct 06 2011 | 10:46 am
      I think I am having the same problem with the 003 and Max.
      A cycle~ to *~ and then ezdac suffers extreme square wave modulation. Oddly if i output the cycle~ to live.gain~ and then into the ezdac~ there is no sound at all.
      In some patches (modsquad) the sound is super sped up.
      I trashed my preferences, checked my settings so I am not sure what the problem is. The card does work with Live and of course Pro-Tools.
      Any suggestions I need this to work and at present it is unusable :(
      (i hate pro-tools soundcards)
    • Oct 08 2011 | 10:02 pm
      Firstly, it's unlikely that the hardware is at fault, thousands of establishments use 003s and while sometimes temperamental with ProTools, they are usually fine. Upgrading to ProTools 9 would not make a difference, as PT9 is native and will work with any sound card.
      Secondly, the issue is most likely with the setup in Max as previously mentioned. Check sample rates are the same, usually go for 48KHz, and also check that there is no phantom power turned on as sometimes this will cause issues.
      Sometimes, there are odd phenomenons with digital systems, maybe this is one of those.
      1st Creative Labs Support Team
    • Jan 09 2012 | 4:55 am
      I am having the same issue. Max keeps flipping back and forth between 44.1 and 48 rate. Sound is awful. I try to set it to the same rate that PT is set to but nothing changes. I have trashed prefs. and double checked settings and this just keeps happening. Phantom power is off on the 003. It's as if Max is getting mixed signals on which sample rate it should lock to.
    • Jan 09 2012 | 11:17 am
      Which Max version are you working on? Sounds like a problem with Max versions prior to 5.1.9