Basic Max 5 patchs not workin 6

    Nov 08 2011 | 9:29 pm
    I've just purchased Max6 and this simplified patch which works in Max 5 does not in Max 6. Same for many others ...
    What important changes should I know apart max6 new features?

    • Nov 08 2011 | 9:33 pm
      An other example with []
    • Nov 08 2011 | 10:03 pm
      hi Kyred. Looks like there's an initialization problem with the targetname attribute that crept in. This one threw me for a loop for a bit. If you hook up attrui to and choose the targetname attribute, you'll see the value the object has stored. Sending a loadmess targetname elmt, it'll work. I've logged this as a bug and will fix it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience:
    • Nov 08 2011 | 10:11 pm
      Here's a better solution. This seems to have been a long standing bug in As long as you give both the destination name and the number of inlets to (i.e. [ tester 1]), things will work as they should:
    • Nov 09 2011 | 5:07 pm
      Thank you for the suggestion, Max crashes if you set the @targetname after the @glparams (forgot to tell it). An other issue is the target object has a @scale set to 0.1, that [] in Max6 does not take into account.
    • Nov 09 2011 | 5:16 pm
      Can you give me the exact steps to trigger the crash? I wasn't able to make it happen. I think I might have already fixed this issue for the next release.
    • Nov 11 2011 | 11:44 pm
      I see that it's not taking into account the target objet's scale, position or rotate. We've logged this and it should be fixed for the next release.