bcr2000 sysex

    Feb 09 2006 | 7:54 pm
    hi all,
    i'm in a bit of haste last few days, but i've seen there were some people over there mentioning using behringer controllers, so i thought i should post a little untidy patch used to send sysex data for configuring only one(others are untouched) button/encoder, maybe you'll find it useful. it has (at least) one bug i'm aware on:when i try to configure a button, it gets configured, but bcr says 'err22' or 20. it is probably something about patch logic, i'll check it out when i get home.
    i'm using it for my (jitter) patches, to set the ranges&values of knobs according to settings saved in patch.
    i hope they'll work for you, but if they don't you can give me feedback, and we'll sort it out.
    best, nesa