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    Apr 28 2020 | 4:40 am
    Do You Know All Features Of The Dewalt DW089LG Cross Laser Level?
    The Laser Cross Level of the Dewalt DW089LG series is the second-generation product that addresses some of the most common problems with previous models. It has stable properties and comes with Dewalt's famous guarantee.
    The Dewalt DW089LG line laser cross-level is a leading laser with new features that give Dewalt products some excellent advanced features. With three lasers and support from Dewalt's standard 12-volt lithium-ion battery, this creativity helps Dewalt reach the peak of the market with a laser level that has become very popular with professional contractors specializing in industrial applications.
    This tool deserves to be the best laser level
    The Dewalt DW089LG laser level has been classified as housing following the IP65 standard. This means that it is dustproof and can withstand pressurized water injection. The reputation of this laser is keen on the market.
    Some buyers have reported manufacturing or shipping issues that caused the laser to be misleading at the time of purchase, but these issues were rare. For the most part, contractors who used this laser in this area reported that the tool was reliable and durable.
    If you're using another tool that requires Dewalt's standard 12-volt lithium-ion battery, you're in luck. The DW089LG takes a standard 12 volt Dewalt battery and can be easily pushed in and out of the integrated stand. If this tool is your first Dewalt 12 volt tool, it is recommended that you immediately purchase an additional battery.
    Although there is an energy level indicator, and the battery has an impressive life expectancy when fully charged, the laser is unfortunately discharged in a power failure event. Get additional batteries if you haven't already.
    Professional tip
    Several factors contribute to Dewalt's premium DW089LG price tag. Ensure you understand the features you pay for, so you don't spend more than you need.
    The most significant factors that set this laser apart from the rest of the Dewalt product line are adding a third laser line and the fact that all three laser lines are projected at 360 degrees. A tip for the wise: With this red model of this laser, DW089LR, you can get similar functions at a lower price.
    A standard 360-degree projection with the Dewalt DW089LG line cross laser can save you a lot of time to transfer layers from one surface to another. Only this function can justify the laser's cost if you want to use it for cabinets, ceilings, carpentry, frames, or other tasks that require a certain amount of visualization on many surfaces. Or let's say is a talent from, through, through, through another ability, through holding, through another talent.
    The user interface couldn't be simpler, with no unnecessary switches or buttons (no-frills). The housing contains a power indicator and a manual sliding lock to bring the pendulum into a locked position when stored or transported. This can extend the lifespan and improve the accuracy of the self-balancing mechanisms.
    You can easily attach a laser to any steel surface and most metal grooves, frames, and brackets with the built-in magnetic bracket. For some, this eliminates the need for additional brackets, racks, or tripods. For others who need precise adjustment and frequent movement, the Dewalt DW089LG line laser can be easily attached to any standard 1/4 or 5/8 inch tripod.
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    This tool can make your work easier and faster
    Special features
    • 360 ° coverage by three rotating bars for superior placement options in full space
    • Green laser diode for optimal visibility up to 30 meters indoors without a sensor
    • For the 3-year warranty from Dewalt, there is a TOUGH® warranty with a free service of 1 year
    Items are included in the package
    • Dewalt DW089LG line laser cross-level
    • Mold case
    • The ceiling frame is wide open
    • Batteries and 12-volt charger
    Accessories available
    The most popular add-on for Dewalt DW089LG is a backup battery (see above). If you don't already have the Dewalt 12 volt lithium battery, choose one if you need continuous use. The battery charges quickly, but it can be quite uncomfortable when the battery is empty when you hang around.
    In addition to the spare battery, you can also consider Dewalt's DW0881 tripod (this laser is also compatible with any other 1/4 inch or 5/8 inch mounting thread. Finally, if you are working on large commercial projects, you could get one green laser identification glasses, green laser labels, or even a compatible sensor like the green laser detector DW0892G from Dewalt.
    Recommended application
    With three vertical 360 ° lines, the Dewalt DW089LG line laser cross-level is ideal for all-room layout projects. This model is popular with ceiling installers, carpenters, commercial frames, installers, and electricians. If you only need a line or two, keep looking - you can get this feature for less than any red laser we've checked on this website.
    Advantages and disadvantages
    • Accepts standard Dewalt 12 volt lithium-ion batteries, eliminates headaches and costs from continuous D-cell alkaline batteries.
    • The 2nd generation functions include a 360 ° cover, which saves a lot of time for repositioning and reorganization.
    • It's also an integrated magnetic mounting bracket for quick setup when a metal surface is available.
    • Dewalt grants DW089LG a 3-year limited warranty and free one year service.
    • Although the layout of this laser is impressive, the price matches its performance. It's a good value for some, but out of reach for some
    We are happy about DW089LG. It shows the promise of a second-generation laser level with rechargeable lithium-ion technology and a 360 ° project for three lines. If you are unsure about your investment size, keep in mind that the Dewalt guarantee gives you a three-year guarantee, and the service staff is known for their speed and responsiveness.
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    The range is excellent, and no indoor project is too large with compatible receivers. While price can scare some shoppers, it's certainly fair trade for all the functions Dewalt puts into this little package. We give Dewalt DW089LG 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.