beginner problem with rendering destinations

    Jul 29 2008 | 7:59 pm
    Having trouble changing the rendering destination of some gl stuff to a jit.matrix. The example patch is included. It is based on the brighlights patch from the jitter recipes.
    i have a macbook pro, 2 gb RAM, OSX 10.5
    i had it working for a brief time but now it repeatedly does not work.
    i just want to be able to cross fade the rendered image with another jit.matrix and play around with processing the image i get from the brightlights patch... e.g. place the rendered image on a gl object, etc.
    the error message i get is: error attaching texture to readback mechanism for capture!
    attached is the patch.

    • Aug 04 2008 | 11:56 am
      no answer? hmm...
      the example patch is pretty clear. Has anyone tried it?
      I can send the new name to 'drawto $1' and this goes to all my gl objects and i can 'drawto' the jit.window and the jit.pwindow no problem but it will not 'drawto' the jit.matrix. I read the manual, the help file and the tutorial and i made a jit.matrix 4 char as it said but i still get the error message " error attaching texture to readback mechanism for capture!".
      any help or direction would be great.
    • Aug 04 2008 | 6:06 pm
      well, your patch worked as expected for me, although i did see the texture error pop up. fwiw, texture errors like these should be getting fixed for the next version of jitter.
      have you tried this in max 4? you might have more success.
      my advice would be, rather than readback from the (fast) gpu to the (slower) cpu to do mixing, why don't you do all mixing on the gpu? render your matrix to a and use one of the compositing or color shaders applied to a slab to mix the two texture objects. check out the composite.shaders-help.maxpat, among some others in the examples folder.
    • Aug 05 2008 | 12:58 am
      just to give the link to the examples mentioned, there's the whole "render" folder here: Max5/examples/jitter-examples/render/
      in particular, there's in that folder which might help.
      but keeping everything on the GPU as was mentioned is definitely better all around.
    • Aug 05 2008 | 12:20 pm
      thanks very much for your replies!
      I'll look into it.