Behringer BCF2000

    Dec 13 2006 | 7:40 pm
    I have just bought the BCF2000 and have been working to get it to cooperate with Max/MSP. I have a few questions and have seen that lots of people on the board are using this control, so I thought I might post my questions here.
    I have figured out how to access the 14 bit communication from the board in Max using Jascha's object. This however only allows for incoming signals from the board. So, has anyone found a way to get these 14 bit messages back out to the board for a simulated parameter feedback setup? By the way, for anyone interested, my problem in getting Jascha's object to work was that I was connected directly to the BCF2000 through USB. I can onoly use Jascha's object when I come out of the BCF2000 through MIDI, through a USB/MIDI interface, and then into the computer.
    Also, has anyone figured out how to do a master reset of the BCF2000? I know how to do a panic reset, but that seems to leave all my presets in place. How do I reset the BCF2000 to all factory defaults? (I've searched thoroughly through the manual.)
    And, has anyone successfully used BC-Edit on a Mac? First, BC-Edit wouldn't even recognize my board. After much Googling, I found that this is a Java/MIDI problem, so I installed Plumstone, which allowed BC-Edit to see my board. Then, after creating a preset within BC-Edit, I tried to save it to the BCF2000, only to get the error message:
    Timeout error while sending: "$rev F1" We are currently working on: "$rev F1"
    Again, after much sweat and Googling, I found that this is a problem with the Sysex messages formatted within BC-Edit. I found a droplet called debehringer ( whic reformats the Sysex messages which can then be manually sent to the board with a program like Sysex Librarian. After sending a properly formatted Sysex message to the board (with no errors), the preset in question still remains unchanged. What gives?
    Thanks for any and all help you may have to give, BB

    • Dec 20 2006 | 6:02 am
      don't know if you ever got help on this, but wesley was working on a solution a while back that i think he might be willing to share... do a search for the bcf and his name in recent posts...
    • Jan 21 2007 | 2:58 am
      Sorry, but what is Wesley's username? Searching for "BCF" and filtering by user "wesley" yields nothing.
    • Sep 13 2011 | 7:01 pm
      to reset BCF2000 to factory settings : - download Factory_Presets_BCF ( - set BCF to stand alone mode - plug MIDI OUT from computer to BCF MIDI IN - play the sysex with Sysex Lybrarian (or what you want)